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Sudden Emergency Archives - Grande Prairie First Aid

Avoiding Non-urgent Emergency Visits Through Grande Prairie First Aid

Unknown to many, taking Grand Prairie first aid classes does not simply save the lives of people who need immediate medical attention due to accidents, health conditions and other causes. Taking Grand Prairie classes also helps healthcare professionals provide more proficient services to patients and help the government of a municipality or city manage the proposed health budget for the area more efficiently. Statistics and Definition of Nun-urgent Emergency Visits in Grande Prairie Non-urgent emergency department visits are defined as cases in which a patient visits the emergency department of a hospital for conditions that do not require emergency care. In these cases, the patient will not suffer from adverse reactions or life-threatening conditions even if he or she does not receive care for several hours. According to the Alberta Primary Healthcare Community Profile that was released by the Primary Healthcare Division of the Alberta Government in 2013, 67% of emergency department visits for 2011 and 2012 are semi and non-urgent. This means that in Grande Prairie, more than half of the people who go to emergency departments do not require emergency care. Taking Grande Prairie First Aid to Help Healthcare Professionals Most, if not all hospitals train their healthcare employees who work in their emergency departments to use a triaging system which helps identify cases that need emergent care. Most of these systems give priority to patients who are suffering from airway, breathing and circulatory problems as these are the cases which require immediate attention. However, despite the presence of a triaging system, patients who truly need emergency treatments can still be overlooked especially if the influx of...