First Aid Courses

We proudly offer workplace approved first aid courses in Grande Prairie, Alberta. We are a training partner of the workplace approved and offer all of the courses as an affiliate. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and automated external defibrillator (AED) training is included in all of the classes. Courses range in length from 8 hours to 14 hours and participants can select from either CPR level “A”, “C” or “HCP” to partner with the courses. Check out the following list of first aid programs we have available in Grande Prairie, Alberta.

Standard First Aid

This course is easily the most popular course available. This is a two-day, 14 hour course that includes CPR and AED. Participants will learn a variety of life saving techniques, skills and knowledge including how to react and be prepared during an emergency. The most popular level of CPR to be partnered with this course is level “C” which encompasses adult, child and infant victims. This course meets workplace requirements for many individuals including students, teachers and individuals that work in the oil and gas industry. Course cost is — dollars.

Emergency First Aid

This workplace approved course is a one day, 8 hour course that includes CPR and AED training. Available CPR courses that can be partnered with this course include level “A”, “C” and “HCP”. The level of CPR training may affect the length of the course. Course cost is — dollars.

Standard Childcare First Aid Courses

This course is specifically designed to meet workplace requirements for individual’s that work in the childcare / daycare industry. To meet workplace requirements this course includes CPR level “B” and cannot be partnered with any other level of CPR training. AED training is included. This course is approximately 16 hours in length. Course cost is — dollars.

What does the Course Fee Includes?

The course fee also includes taxes, a workplace approved training manual and certificate (wallet and / or wall sized certificate).

What Should I be prepared for in the Course

Participants will learn hands-on skills and knowledge on how to effectively react and stay safe during emergencies.

Does Certification Meet Workplace Requirements?

Many of our courses meet workplace requirements for first aid and CPR. Check with your supervisor, employer or academic advisor to determine what level of CPR training you need. When in doubt, enrol in Standard First Aid with CPR level “HCP” as it covers all other courses and topics.