Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System

WHMIS Legislation in Canada

Hazardous materials are strictly regulated in Canada, with several pieces of federal legislation outlining how HAZMAT should be handled and transported. Primarily, regulations on WHMIS focus on protecting the worker, the supplier (source of the HAZMAT), and the public from potential injury and damage.

The pieces of legislation responsible for regulating hazardous materials are:


  • The Hazardous Products Act
  • Controlled Products Regulation
  • Ingredient Disclosure List
  • Hazardous Materials Information Review Act
  • Hazardous Materials Information Review Regulations
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • WHMIS Regulation

About the WHMIS

The Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System is implemented all over Canada to inform employers and workers about proper handling of hazardous materials in the workplace. The system emphasizes labeling, emergency response, and employee training.

Training is not only shouldered by the supplier but also offered by training providers all over Canada. Grande Prairie First Aid is one of these providers; we offer monthly WHMIS training courses, available as a classroom and online course. The cost for training and how long it lasts varies between the two types of courses.

  1. The classroom WHMIS course is four hours long. There are six units to complete. Training costs 49.99 dollars.
  2. The online WHMIS course is three hours long. There are six modules to complete (after each module is a test that the student needs to pass to proceed to the next one). Training costs 29.99 dollars.

WHMIS Credentials

If you sign up for a WHMIS course with us at Grande Prairie First Aid and complete training with at least 80 percent on the final exam, we will award you with a WHMIS credential. It doesn’t expire and is valid and accepted all over Canada.

We encourage certified trainees to retake WHMIS training every few years for an update – this, however, is not required.

Sign up for WHMIS training at Grande Prairie First Aid online or in person. There is an internet application form below that you can use to start your enrollment. Our office hours are from 8 AM to 5 PM. You can enroll in person or visit our facility during those times.

Getting started: Controlled Products

Hazardous materials fall under controlled products, specific substances that are regulated by the government. Controlled product classifications are as follows:

  1. Compressed gas (A)
  2. Flammable, combustible material (B)
  3. Oxidizing material (C)
  4. Poisonous and infectious material (D)
  5. Corrosive material (E)
  6. Dangerously reactive materials (F)

Suppliers are required to test hazardous materials in their facilities to check their classification except for Class D HAZMATs. They can also use results from other people on tests performed on materials with similar characteristics. Otherwise, they have to perform the test themselves.

All controlled products have to be in containment units with a supplier label. The label needs to have the following: (1) product name, (2) supplier name, (3) reference to the material safety data sheet, (4) hazard symbol, (5) risk phrases, (6) precautionary measures, (7) first aid measures.

Learn more by signing up for a WHMIS classroom or training course at Red Deer First Aid. Contact us via e-mail, telephone call, or a visit in person.