First Aid 101: Acute Upper Respiratory Infections in Workplaces

Unknown to many employers and employees, acute upper respiratory infections (AURI) can be contracted in the workplace and cause net loss due to absenteeism and poor work performance even though AURI is one of the leading causes of hospitalization in Grand Prairie . This is why it is important for both employers and employees to know the risk factors of AURI in a workplace setting and how taking Grand Prairie first aid classes can help.


Fever - A symptom of of an AURI

Fever – A symptom of of an AURI

AURI, especially those that are caused by viruses, are known to be seasonal in nature. This means that for workers who spend most of their time outside or in the field are more likely to develop this disease. Because of the fact that it is seasonal, many workers are caught off guard by these infections. Most of the time, they neglect doing proper hygiene or immune system boosting techniques since they think that the season of AURI is over or that it will never come. Hence, they always get sick when they least expect it.

Those who work indoors are also at risk because of the seasonality of AURI. Working inside a cold office building or room and going out to face the blistering heat of the sun or vice versa is one of the causes of sinusitis and other AURI.


Because of the fact that some AURI are highly contagious, healthcare workers who are treating patients that are diagnosed with any of these diseases are at high risk for contracting the disease as well especially those who work in rural areas or areas with insufficient hygiene and healthcare equipment. This is why healthcare providers, especially first aid rescuers, need to have adequate training on how to make the most of what they have when it comes to the prevention and management of AURI. Receptionists and other employees who have to deal with strangers on a daily basis are at risk as well.

Variety of Causes

Contrary to what most people believe, AURI can be contracted by being exposed to certain chemicals or environment. One great example of this risk factor is employees whose workplaces are moldy, dusty or highly unsanitary. These places are well-loved by bacterial and viral strains which cause AURI. They can also lower the immune system of employees which can make them more susceptible to AURI.

What Is the Role of First Aid in the Workplace

Considering that proper hygiene are taught in Grand Prairie first aid classes, employees and employers will be able to avoid spreading the disease from one worker to another. Having first aid knowledge will also give employers and employees the ability to properly treat those who are already suffering from AURI which can prevent work absenteeism.

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