Silent Killers in Grande Prairie That Cause Sudden Emergencies

Unknown to many residents, Grand Prairie has a lot of silent killer diseases which are not as highly advertised as cardiovascular diseases and STI’s. This is why many of them think that taking Grand Prairie first aid classes are not important. Here are some of these silent killers which make Grand Prairie first aid training more relevant than ever.


According to the statistics that was included in the community profile for Grande Prairie which was released by the Primary Health Care Division in 2013, hypertension was the most prevalent disease in the area back in 2010. Apparently, the hypertension rate in the area was even higher than the average hypertension rate in the entire province of Alberta. Based on previous data, researchers and government officials also highlighted the fact that this rate is increasing every year. It also does not help that obesity is still one of the area’s main problems and that heart diseases still have the highest morbidity and mortality rate in comparison to other diseases.


Neoplasm, often referred to as tumors or tumor growth, was once the leading cause of deaths in Grand Prairie. in 2010, this position was then taken over by cardiovascular or heart diseases. However, this does not mean that tumors and cancers in general is no longer prevalent and lethal since it is still one of the most common causes of operations in the area.

Acute Upper Respiratory Infections

Chest Pains Caused by AURI

Chest Pains Caused by AURI

In the same statistics that was released by the Alberta Government in 2013, it was revealed that acute upper respiratory infections are the leading causes of emergency room visits in Grande Prairie. This means that most of the patients who visit emergency rooms are diagnosed with acute upper respiratory infections or are suffering from its symptoms.


Aside from its high prevalence rate, Diabetes is also responsible for most of the inpatient discharges in Grand Prairie back in 2010. This means that in that year, many patients were diagnosed and treated for Diabetes which supports the fact that the disease is very common in the area.

Because of the fact that these conditions cause a wide variety of life-threatening sudden emergencies, knowing first aid is very important for residents. This is why it is highly advisable to take Grand Prairie first aid classes. By taking these classes, residents can take care of loved ones and even strangers who are suffering from these diseases properly.

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