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First Aid Treatment: Avulsion Injury

First Aid Treatment: Avulsion Injury

An avulsion injury is a serious injury that occurs when a soft tissue is forcibly torn away, either partially or completely. The organ commonly affected by this kind of injury is the skin. Medically speaking, an avulsion injury usually refers to surface trauma where all skin layers have been torn away, thus uncovering its underlying structures, such as, subcutaneous tissue, muscle, tendons, or even bones. It is likened to an abrasion, except in its more severe form, as body parts can be partially or fully detached from the body. Avulsion injury is typically caused by trauma. Types of Avulsion Injury There are different types of avulsion injury. These types are the general locations where an avulsion injury can occur, which include: Skin (most common) Ear Eyelid Nail Tooth Nerve (brachial plexus) Periosteal Surgical Causes of Avulsion Injury There are many possible causes for an avulsion injury. These are usually by severe trauma to the skin: Human and animal bites Gunshot wounds Stab wounds Crush injuries Falls, especially those against jagged surfaces Severe burns Motor vehicular collisions and accidents, especially those involving dragging incidents Signs and Symptoms of Avulsion Injury The signs and symptoms of any avulsion injury is dependent on the location and the nature of the injury Minimal to severe bleeding Puncture wounds A body part may be partially or completely removed Mild to severe pain Crushed body tissue First Aid Management for Avulsion Injury First aid treatment and management will depend on the type of avulsion injury. However, the utmost priority is to reduce pain and discomfort of the patient. The following is the general recommendation in...